rkls – Remix EP

Kid Fonque and D-malice return under their rkls guise for this remix package of the third single from their debut album “Self Titled”.

“Break Up” featuring John Robinson on rap duties and Sio on vocals gets the remix treatment from three mighty individuals for very different takes on the hip-hop soul original.

The inimitable Atjazz goes into full on electronic funk mode complete with crisp beats, synth stabs and bubbles of spaced-out bass.

Joburg based bassist and composer Card On Spokes, (a.k.a. Shane Cooper) delivers his self styled electronic jazz synth hip-hop psychadelic 3 step sound. An opus.

London based DJ, producer and audio wizard Jonny Miller supplies his Threesixty mix, morphing John’s rap into a subterranean cyborg proclaiming from a dystopian future while Sio’s vocals float over this mid-tempo house groove.

Finally we present a bonus remix of “Hours Go By” transformed into a beautifully warm dance floor gem by Alex and Stephane Attis displaying their flawless jazz and broken beat heritage.