Karizma – The Power EP (Incl. DJ Spinna, Ralf GUM & DJ Spen Remixes)

“The Power” originally came out in 1999 and was one of Karizma biggest hits. Now the inimitable DJ Spinna has touched it for the year 2012, giving us two very different, but equally enthralling versions for future dance-floors. These versions caused mayhem at Miami Music Conference this year, and no doubt did the same at Southport Weekender.

To add to the package, Karizma’s longtime production partner from the Basement Boys DJ Spen has given “Good Morning” the full soulful house treatment it’s been waiting for.

Finally, Ralf Gum takes the melancholy “Sad Isn’t It” and twists it into a journey to fulfillment. Lose yourself on the dancefloor.


1. “The Power” DJ Spinna Acid Row
2. “The Power” DJ Spinna Piano Row
3. “Good Morning” DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins’ Beautiful Morning Mix
4. “Sad Isn’t It” Ralf Gum Dub