Piscean Group & Artists As Tutors

Piscean Group recorded “Ferguson, Amurikah” in the aftermath of events in Ferguson, Missouri 2014.

The full length version is available exclusively here

All proceeds from this track will be donated to Artists As Tutors, an organisation helping young students in the Ferguson – Florissant school district, providing supplemental education assistance as well as sharing skills in music, visual art, creative writing and theatre.

For more information go to artistsastutors.org




Piscean Group “Saint Louis Strut” Out Now!

The mysterious Piscean Group return with a ridiculously funky 7″, “Saint Louis Strut”.

Piscean Group originally formed as part of an astrological union founding members and initial line up Sir Robert & Osunlade share. Since its conception, Osunlade has created an open coalition of musicians from his childhood home St Louis. As an open forum, the group has no real members and is a voice for all writers, musicians and performers alike. The non-credit of participants gives the groups identity a backseat to the sheer pleasure of the music.

Their self titled debut e.p. released on R2 Records was an intro of sorts to the group’s intention. With their first full length project the approach is that of a soundtrack. With an open landscape and no actual movie to score, the group’s imagination was allowed to go from soft to hard groove, and throw in a few cameo performances from Osunlade and rising LA pianist Daniel Crawford.

This limited 7” contains the irrepressible funk swagger of “Saint Louis Strut”– swinging harder than a drunk at a barroom brawl with the tightest of grooves.

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“Ferguson, Amurikah” on the b-side is a throbbing funk burner, bearing witness to events and contemplating the future. This track will be exclusive to this 7”.

 “Saint Louis Strut” taken from the forthcoming album “Original Soundtrack”

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Hear & Now Vinyl Launch Party



BIG thanks to all the dancers, heads and straight up good vibe people that came down to our “Hear and Now” vinyl launch party at Brilliant Corners last month. Karizma and Kyri r2 playing strictly vinyl sets on that lovely audiophile system. We will be back!

Next Date: Thursday 20th March 2014

Pick up your “Hear and Now” 12″ here

Osunlade – Atonement (Coming Soon)


“Atonement” is the third instalment of the “Offering” mix CD series by Osunlade for R2 Records. As with “Offering” and “re-Offering”, “Atonement” sees Osunlade select some more hidden gems that slipped through most DJs’ radar.  As always the tracks are soulful, musical, emotive, yet electronic, modern and sometimes even sparse, but always connected to the same spirit. An old story told in a new way.

The sequencing of the tracks on “Atonement” flow from one to another for a reason, Osunlade using music as a language in a way rarely heard. These are not random selections of big tracks, but carefully curated deep sounds put together seamlessly, each one enhancing energy from the last, drawing you in, hooking you into the story.

Anyone who’s experienced the artistry of Osunlade – be it his productions (acoustic and electronic), remixes, live or Dj sets will know there’s a message in his music, a philosophy encompassing everything from higher mind states to just cutting loose on the dance floor. “Atonement” will move your spirit, your body and your soul like no other.

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 17.26.10

Karizma feat. Osunlade “Hear and Now” 12″


One of the stand out tracks from Karizma’s “Wall Of Sound” album, “Hear And Now” features the inimitable vocals of the mighty Osunlade over a sweet Karizma groove; future sounding, yet reminiscent of days gone by. For this very special 12” release Osunlade has created his own edit of the track, taking the parts and extending the arrangement for his own “Disco Mix”.

Continuing the Yoruba connection, Osunlade has also blessed us with a full on Yoruba Soul Remix of “One Note Jam” taking this club banger to explosive new territory as only he knows how.

Finally, “Nuffin Else” gets its first appearance on vinyl after becoming many people’s favourite off the album to complete this essential package.

Limited Edition Clear Vinyl (500) / Digital available for limited period.

Artist: Karizma
Title: “Hear And Now” feat. Osunlade
R2 Records
Formats: 12” (Ltd Clear Vinyl 500) / Digital
12″ Release Date: 27th January 2014
Digital: 17th February 2014 (for 1 month only)
Cat No.: R2029

Side A:
1.   “Hear And Now” feat. Osunlade (Osunlade Official Edit)
2.    “One Note Jam” (Yoruba Soul Remix Redux)
Side B:
1.   “Nuffin Else”

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